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HOWTO: Run any program as a service on Windows

posted by steveradich on Tue 17 of Jan, 2006 [07:00 UTC]
HOWTO: Run any program as a service on Windows


I need to run (some application) always with system startup. The program is not designed to be a service, what can I do?


This is a pretty common question of Windows admins, programs have to be designed to be a service by default, however most are not - And services generally don't have a UI (User Interface).

I found this handy program for creating windows services, there's a LOT of different solutions out there with this same functionality, even srvany.exe from Microsoft (part of the resource kit), however I found this one more useful: link (cache)

This uses a simple .INI file which can contain multiple programs which will run under your single service. It also has the capability to easily specify if they interact with the desktop or not, and if they should be restarted automatically if they fail / exit (for example if a user accidentally closes the program).

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