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Windows Vista won't open media files (.wmv) from Internet Explorer (IE7)

posted by steveradich on Sat 08 of Sep, 2007 [06:39 UTC]
If you're like some others (myself included) you may get a Vista computer which can't open media files, for example Windows Media Videos. I don't have the details on what causes this, but I do have a work around:

You can watch a quick video at bitshop_asp_videos

The steps are:
  • Launch IE
  • Go to the Tools Menu, then Internet Options
  • Click "Programs"
  • Click "Set Programs"
  • Click "Set program access and computer defaults"
  • NOTE: Allow the action which requires permission
  • Click "Custom"
  • Scroll down to "Choose a default media player:"
  • Select "Windows Media Player"
  • Click OK, X, etc. to close the windows..

This should work around the problem.

Happy media watching :-)

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