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Cannot find X.509 certificate using WSE - Required permissions

posted by steveradich on Fri 03 of Feb, 2006 [20:20 UTC]
You may receive the following error if your permissions on your X.509 certificate are wrong:

System.Security.Cryptography.CryptographicException: Cryptography_CSP_NoPrivateKey

If this happens then you want to launch the X.509 Certificate Tool, select your certificate and press View Private Key File Properties - Then the security tab.

At this point the exact permissions depend on your app pool, impersonation, etc.

Most likely if you don't know what to set then you can try the local ASPNET user and the local NETWORK SERVICE user. They will need access to this file for the certificate to be used.

Hope this helps.

You can always contact for your hosting and WSE hosting needs and we'll make sure you have this set up right and working reliably, from a single shared server running a WSE based app to a cluster of dedicated web services servers.

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