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Microsoft Virtual Server 2005 is Microsoft's entry into the hardware business in simplest terms. As an example, instead of having 3 old Pentium 3 based computers around you can now consolidate those onto one higher end box (perhaps a dual Xeon). Virtual Server technology allows a "guest os" (operating system) to run within a window of your server - This guest actually boots a bios and runs just like a normal PC, including any operating system you want (even your old DOS / Novell stuff could be put in here).

Some things I publish to my blog and may come back to put them here in the future if they are popular, so I recommend reading and/or subscribing to my blog for regular updates on Virtual Server as well as other technologies.

BitShop Provides Hosting, Training, Support, and Troubleshooting for your Virtual Server 2005 needs. If you have a problem then get us under contract and Steve Radich himself can assist you as required. We have a Corporate Quick Start package available where will come on site for a week. We spend approximately one day assessing what servers are most appropriate to consolidate, planning migrations some, then we spend a few days in intensive training for your staff. We don't do a "pre packaged" seminar, this is tailored to exactly what YOU want to consolidate. The last day we spend migrating at least one server (even if just a proof of concept server) so your staff is confortable with migrations. Once done we will provide telephone, email, and IM support to your staff for an additional 30 days. Contact for full details. Why risk a migration without expert training?

If you want a dedicated Windows server running inside Virtual Server 2005 then you can upload a .VHD file, send us a DVD of the VHD file, etc. (i.e. we'll work with you to get the site up). We also can install an OS for you (if you wish) instead of you sending us the .VHD file (either your license or we can provide licenses).

We support Virtual Server 2005 and Virtual Server 2005 SP1 (on 64 bit hardware). We also support SBS, web sites, portals, etc. We're a full host, so we can also provide you with dedicated sql server space for your needs, and much much more.

Prices for virtual colocation start at $49/month - Contact us for details - http://www.bitshop.comexternal link

Questions about Guests, running of, creating, setup, etc.

Questions about Hosts, Hardware, OS, Web Site

Event ID troubleshooting

Misc items below:

Other resources for Virtual PC / Virtual Server Information:

Jonathan Maltz's What Works and What Doesn't in Virtual PC 2004.external link

News Group Archives - Many questions have been asked and answered hereexternal link

Have a question not covered in the FAQ? The Microsoft public newsgroupsexternal link (cache), specifically microsoft.public.virtualpc and microsoft.public.virtualserver, are a great place to share your your issues with the community.

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Latest Virtual Server 2005 R2 News
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