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How can I encrypt data in my web application print
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There are a LOT of different ways to encrypt data in your web application.

Classic ASP: If you are using classic ASP the simplest method is to buy a component such as ASPEncryptexternal link, which gives you more powerful solutions than the "free" ones below, however many times the free ones are sufficient. NOTE: If you are buying a Classic ASP component you may want to consider a vendor that offers BOTH Asp.Net AND Classic ASP for one price in a bundle, such as Chilkat Software below (in section)

In ASP.Net there are numerous solutions also:

Some of the commercial solutions include:
  • Chilkat Softwareexternal link - They have a "developer bundle" available of all their components for one price. I have no experience with them personally but the components, examples, and pricing model seems very reasonable, at least at first glance. Anyone have feedback about them? Please tell us about them / their solutions.

There's plenty of other solutions available, these are just a very few examples we found for a request from a user.

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